ICC Property Management is a property management firm with operations in the Greater Toronto Area. The company manages a diverse portfolio of properties ranging from townhouses to high rises and offers a wide range of management services making it one of the premier property firms in the GTA.

About ICC Property Management

I founded ICC Property Management in 1992 due to a void in the industry when it came to personalized, hands-on service with clients. With my experience as president of the board of directors of the Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario, I felt there was a unique opportunity to create a property management firm that put clients first.

Because of these values, the company has grown over the years to become one of the most respected in the GTA and takes pride in its uncompromising integrity as well as an unwavering attention to clients’ needs.

ICC Property Management Services

ICC Property Management offers a complete stable of property management services. Let’s take a look at some of the ways ICC serves its clients.

Service areas. ICC Property Management manages properties throughout the Greater Toronto Area, specifically in Toronto, Markham, Mississauga, Durham, Brampton, and Scarborough..

Property Management Services. ICC Property Management offers condominium, commercial and residential/rental property management services designed to take away the burden of operations from the hands of owners while delivering best in class client services.

ICC Property Management condominium management services include:

  • Administrative services that maintain full compliance with the Condominium Act
  • Community services designed to keep all residents in the know with regular newsletter updates
  • Condominium services such as planning for and keeping up with repairs, maintenance as well as financial matters
  • Financial services which include the compiling and preparation of budgets and reports
  • Maintenance management by keeping buildings in a good state of repair and meticulous upkeep

Commercial Property Management. In order to serve our business clients, it’s imperative that we offer commercial property management services that are second to none. Specifically, ICC excels at ensuring that:

  • Regular maintenance and upkeep services are kept to the levels that businesses expect
  • Financial services that quickly and effectively plan for future expenditures when it comes to maintenance and repair
  • Security that ensures our clients are properly protected and that their premises are safe and secure
  • Premier leasing and vacancy management solutions to ensure that vacant units are occupied as quickly as possible and that the necessary infrastructure to show them is in place

Residential and rental property management. When it comes to residential and rental property management there are a number of areas where we offer top-flight services. These include:

  • Leasing services to ensure that property owners don’t have to contend with vacancies for extended periods of time
  • Maintenance services to ensure that properties are always in a good state of repair
  • Collections services that take away the burden of collecting overdue rents from tenants from the property owners, ensuring a positive cash flow at all times
  • Evictions, taking the necessary steps when an unfortunate eviction situation arises
  • Administration, ensuring that properties are properly managed from a financial and administrative standpoint.

ICC Property Management: Energy Management Services

ICC Property Management takes a multi-pillared approach to managing our clients’ energy portfolios along three major streams. We engage the help of Blackstone Energy Services Inc. to assist with our energy management services. These include:

Procurement. By bringing multiple vendors to the table we can assist our clients with ensuring that their energy requirements are met as cost effectively as possible.

Management. We help our clients manage their electricity budgets, understand the risks and opportunities in energy markets while helping them to manage their energy portfolios.

Conservation. ICC Property Management assists clients in conserving energy by helping with retrofits and by conducting energy consumption audits with the ultimate goal of maximizing cost and energy savings.

ICC Property Management Dream Foundation

As a company dedicated to the welfare of its employees, ICC Property Management is proud to offer its Dream Foundation. As part of the program, employees confidentially submit an email outlining their dreams which are randomly granted by me.

Seeing dreams come true is an ideal way to say thanks to our hardworking and dedicated staff while rewarding their loyalty.

ICC Property Management has evolved into a recognized leader among the GTA’s property management companies and is the only one to have been awarded the distinction of ACMO Corporate Member of the Year. We pride ourselves in delivering outstanding property services and invite you to contact us to learn how we can help you manage your property portfolio.

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