This time of year is not only one to celebrate the joys of what the season brings but to also reflect on the past year.  Every new years’ eve my wife and I set our goals for the coming year in addition to holding ourselves accountable and reflecting on what goals we achieved the previous year.

Reflection is something that very few people do. …what have I done to enhance my life?…..physically, mentally and spiritually….what actions would i have changed?……did I do anything to help others?.. …am I a better person this year than I was last year?. ..better husband…father…..friend…..son….brother…boss…

Think about your actions……reflect on the consequences of your actions..good or bad.  What lessons have you learned and what life lessons was the universe trying to teach you?  Think about what you would have changed or improved on….

The majority of successful people around the world go through life with specific purpose….floating around “willy nilly” in my opinion works only for those very lucky few.

My goals revolve around all aspects of my life…..personal, family, health, financial and business……

My specific goals included sales and revenue targets which I hit.  Profits were 2% lower than my goal…..internal growth got in the way of that…..I personally made a choice to forego a portion of profits for internal stability and lifestyle options.  My travel goals were met and then some (was very lucky to travel and see and do so many things this year).  Family goals were met for the most part…….plans for building a house solidified over the past year…..i work out regularly again….plans to spend more time with my family and attend less meetings worked but growth and changes withing my business got the better of me and didn’t feel that I made as much progress as I would have liked.  Something to work on for next year…..

So make a list of what you value the most in life.  Prioritize your values; what is most important to you; what makes you most happy and make sure you include some “ME” items in your list…..don’t think it’s too selfish to think about yourself sometimes.  Without a happy and healthy you, goals are much more difficult to meet.

Manifest your goals……create opportunities…….and then give them to the universe with gratitude and watch what happens… will be pleasantly surprised. 

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